A charlatane called Rachel North (Rachel McFadyen) who runs a suspicious blog called "Rachel From North London" has made a lot of money and publicity out of claiming to have been on the carriage bombed on the 7th July 2005. BUT why has she always been so fit and well? How has she heartlessly made so much money and created so much publicity when no one else has wanted to? Why does she specialise in false accusations? Who can back up her claims? What is the TRUTH? Is her story a SCAM?

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

'Down to Margate?' or 'Rachel is cheating the July 7th victims?'

Is this the face of Mother Teresa?

We believe that in this picture Rachel reveals the contempt aversion and disgust that she feels towards others. We believe this includes almost everyone, because she seeks to use and deploy most people that she meets for her ego ends. These people include her husband the solicitor, and her father the vicar.

We have noticed that Rachel makes a big point of publishing her extravagant expenses and luxury holidays. She does this although she knows that people who survived horrible injuries in the London bombings have not been properly compensated and over a hundred have received nothing at all. Rachel communicates as a very scathing person who believes that other people's lives are worth very little and that life owes her a living. She is also a 'Daddy's girl' who appears to have been dragging her parents and her husband into her 'spin and rake it in' fantasies. She is a vicar's daughter from a working class background which she spurns. She struggles to be stylish upper class which compounds her much publicised "grief and sadness".

We provide a number of links for your attention. Rachel is advertising the expensive hotel that she is staying in this summer. She writes 'Madrid encore' as if to imply that she has stayed in the deluxe rooms before and they are a personal favourite but we think this is unlikely. She and the well known 'J', her husband, went to stay in a five star hotel in Amsterdam recently.On each occasion that she stays in an extremely expensive hotel, she prints pictures and the link.

She writes:

'Fabulous frocks are all very well, but weddings - and I have two this year to go to plus two hen weekends - are so flipping expensive. It's not just the frock, but the shoes, hat, bag, jewellery, flights/train tickets, hotel, present and all the rest of it. The average couple spends £1400 a year on attending weddings, apparently. Ouch.'

As one commenter pointed out, the average couple spends £3000.00 to 6000.00 on their own wedding if they can afford to get married.

There can be no doubt that Rachel and her husband are living a life of luxury while 7/7 victims suffer.

'This year we had several things to celebrate - nine years of being together, my birthday, J's promotion, and having been married for almost a year. So we stayed at the five-star Krasnapolsky in Dam Square (which has cheap deals on if you know where to look and which is famous for a sensational breakfast of everything from sausages, ham, cheese, fish, pastries, juice, champagne in the Winter Garden under a soaring glass and wrought-iron roof...)' she wrote. This particular hotel has an extravagant restaurant which we display.

We find it strange that Rachel cries rape so often on her blog and prints these hotel addresses on the same web site. Rachel North has written a book on the July 7th bombings called 'Out of The Tunnel' which she is seen selling on her blog. She refers to herself as a 'shameless publicity hound.' One commenter has asked us: 'Is she making £ for herself out of her 7/7 book sales?'

Rachel repeatedly asserts that she is donating the money gained from her book sales to charity. However, there is no charity advertised on her blog except one called Corda which she put up after her mother died. This charity has received no contributions whatsoever from herself and only a meagre £400.00 from her readers. Rachel never encourages charity on her blog. Corda never gets a mention.

We find all this concerning. On the third anniversary of the London bombings, we learn that one in ten wounded and damaged survivors who were on the trains ( probably an underestimation) are still waiting for full compensation.So are people who lost their loved ones on July 7th. Many more have claims that are still partly paid or 'in the pipeline'. We wonder whether Rachel's apparent lies and blatant contradictions and false claims ( demonstrated on this blog) could be influencing this situation, causing confusion and other problems at the criminal compensations offices, causing honest suffering people who survived July 7th unnecessary hardship. We believe that Rachel, via her husband who is a solicitor, has received significant compensation for injuries that she clearly, visibly, does not have.

We do not understand why Rachel is flaunting her yearned for lavish lifestyle in front of people she pretends she cares about. We believe that Rachel does not care about these people and that she is a scammer pretending to have been on the carriage that was bombed on July 7th 2005 by Germaine Lindsay.


Anonymous said...

Deeply distressing. I can understand your concerns. She is heartless!

Anonymous said...

That hotel doesnt offer any bargains.

never in that carriage said...

Yes the cheapest discount that this sort of hotel offers is about £800 a night for a couple. Anything else is extra.

Anonymous said...

Printing details of costly deals and sumptuous places and telling everyone what a bargain hunter she is?

I don't get it, oh wait a minute, its all part of the scammer girls style.

Plush sheets and wheeler deals.

Anonymous said...

There are no bargains in that hotel. You might get off with not tipping the pianist.

Do they fly business class.

nigel said...

She went to a wedding in Spain 'catching up with people she loves.' And leaving behind those who wanted to get rid of her.

'The wedding ( all in Spanish but we had an order of service translation) was beautiful. Afterwards we blew bubbles and sang All you need is Love to Flash, and Maria, who was radiant in a veil and long train. The reception afterwards in an elegant Quinta 26km from town was glorious; we stuffed ourselves with canapes and 4 courses of delicious food, which put English catering to shame, and then danced for hours.'

Then a spate of self pity about how everything rotten always happens in July.

Im with you seeker her behaviour is just outrageous.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


very bizarre that she enjoyed herself in Spain in a four star hotel~ which she terms an expensive flea-pit~ without any problems and then spontaneously explodes into a fit of public weeping on July 7th in the afternoon.

'Afterwards KCU joined up and had coffee with other survivors and families at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport where Tessa Jowell was hosting a reception. We stood in silence again and remembered the passengers who never came home and all those who had suffered. The grief etched on people's faces was terrible to see. I spoke to some of the families who have been campaigning for an inquiry into 7/7 and updated them on where we are.

Afterwards KCU went out for lunch and then to the pub. I broke down; this anniversary was much worse than last year. I wished I could have phoned Mum. July is a cruel month; the three worst things that have ever happened in my life all happened in the first half of July. I wonder if it will ever feel normal.'

Perhaps, KCU had some questions to ask her about her hotel bills?

Anonymous said...

perhaps she was upset about 7/7 and her mum's death?

Anonymous said...

So upset she gives her Mums charity nowt in a year

Has anyone guessed why her mum collapsed from heart failure?

she should admit responsibility instead of making us stomach her hullabaloo

nigel said...

Corda has raised £400


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That commenter is missing the point. Rachel did not sneak up on her mother and wallop her from behind with a hammer. If Rachel is responsable for her mother's death- a pretty wild assumption- it will have been the stress she inflicted .

But it's a pretty wild assumption.

A good point is that Rachel makes an orchestral public din whenever she experiences any grief. Why? It's this that is a little suspicious.

never in that carriage said...

We are not able to tell which Insurance policy it is that Rachel appears to be exploiting. We imagine that the payout was important.

Anonymous said...

We are not able to tell which Insurance policy it is that Rachel appears to be exploiting. We imagine that the payout was important.

Here is some important news for you.

Insurance companies will not pay out AT ALL for acts of terrorism or acts of God. Go and check it out.

So you are imagining a lot of rubbish aren't you?

nigel said...

The booty came from somewhere

never in that carriage said...

We are not saying anything that you suggest, we are letting people comment. We have removed two over the line comments.

Anonymous said...

another visit from the arch scammer....

nigel said...

War and terrorism insurance


You think the solicitor didnt take out the whole packet


thats close on a million

Anonymous said...


Are you suggesting Rachel's husband took out insurance against her being blown up and that the couple have made a million pounds from it? Even though if you check you will see that personal injury cover does not include acts of terrorism?


Got any proof of this million pound deal apart from the fact that she has been on holiday and stayed in some nice hotels?

( which she says she got on a last minute hotel deal site?)

I have just checked last minute deals on the hotels mentioned on the site mentioned and there are rooms available for 70 euros a night - which is about fifty quid. Easy jet flights are about fifty quid as well.

I should have thought she and her solicitor husband could afford that.

The fact that someone goes for a hen weekend and a wedding does not constitute proof that they have made a million pounds from an insurance scam, does it Nigel?

You will need to find better proof than that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that's from the arch scammer who still finds it funny.

That website you linked to your post of today Rachel has got nothing to do with the other posh hotels you said you visit. You printed that because you saw this blog.

The you refered to your other posh hotel as a flea pit.

Most people have hen parties up the road. You went to one in the most expensive place in Madrid and booked the hotel to go with it.



jen said...

If Rachel is innocent in her dealings why does she keep trying to make out she's a bargain basement gal? Why so may lies about what she was doing on July 7?

Anonymous said...

What a ferocious face.

Anonymous said...

This woman seems to be heading up the longest running public enquiry in human history. How much time is she spending in hotel ballrooms?